Online Campus Career Fair Spring 2020

Wednesday, April 8, 2020
Details sent to your TUmail
Online (Zoom)
Open to:
Open to all TUJ students and alumni
Please register through the company-specific sign up sheets sent to your TUmail

The annual on-campus career fair is coming. This is a great opportunity for students and alumni to talk and apply to companies wanting to specifically hire TUJ students and alumni.

Career Fair Schedule

Please refer to the schedule sent to your TUmail

Who Should Attend

All TUJ students and alumni are welcome to participate.

To Do List before the Fair

  • Prepare to put yourself forward to these companies by preparing concrete examples of your strengths.
  • Research target companies and prepare to explain your reasons to apply and how you can contribute to these companies

Participating Companies

Participating companies as of March 31, 2020:

Please continue to check this page for updates on participating companies.

AEC Logo

American Engineering

AEC is an organization based on the idea of community. We believe that true success is accomplished when all stakeholders – at all levels – take an active role in realizing the objective. Diversity is, and always has been, integral to AEC’s culture. Since our humble beginnings over 50 years ago up to current day operations, our primary offering to our community has always been ‘American/multinational standard engineering and construction solutions in Japan’. As such, adopting and maintaining diversity in team members, resources, ideals and culture came naturally and has always been a cornerstone of our organization. AEC’s mission is to deliver unrivaled, high quality service tailored to customer’s specific requirements to meet their desired goals. We leverage innovation in process and technology in all aspects of our work. AEC's vision is to be the preferred partner in the construction industry by bridging the world to Japan. This goes with how we are structured by being incorporated in the US and maintaining proper approvals, certificates, and licenses from the Government of Japan.

Apex K.K Logo

Apex K.K

Apex is an executive search firm based in Tokyo, specializing in the recruitment of bilingual professionals from mid to senior-level management positions.

We started as a small executive recruitment firm with just 5 people in 2010. Since then, our rapid growth and results have helped us to grow to over 60 people.

At Apex, we believe that great personnel are priceless and we are work passionately to find the best match for both candidates and clients.

Why don't you join us in our rapidly growing global work environment? If you are overflowing with ambition and derive satisfaction from achieving goals, Apex could be the right workplace for you.

Computec Engineering Logo

Computec Engineering

Computec Engineering’s impressive range of clientele, coupled with our certified, technically advanced and experienced bilingual engineers, software engineers and cabling installation and management specialist, makes us a familiar with the needs of any company. As many of our clients are from Fortune 500 and World 500 companies our engineers get to see first hand state of the art systems and then our engineers get the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with our clients and their internal technology engineering teams to implement state of the art solutions for our clients.

Computec Engineering environment includes a team of highly talented individuals and allows its employees to grow with the company. We are dedicated to employing ambitious individuals ready to make a difference and be leaders in the industry.

Everyone at Computec Engineering is a critical part of the team. We’ll encourage you to be open and vocal with your ideas and suggestions. We’re devoted to building a world-class team by challenging our colleagues with responsibility, autonomy and trust. Computec views its employees as its most valuable asset and we invest in our employees to keep them at the top of their fields. We believe that having a trained staff is important and we work hard to promote training so that our employees are motivated to continue doing so.

Dentsu Logo

Dentsu Isobar


世界45カ国85以上の拠点でサービスを提供するIsobarネットワークの一員です。 ボーダレスなアイデアを可能にし、ビジネスとブランドの転換を促進することを目指し、事業を展開しています。

HDI Global SE Logo

HDI Global SE

HDI Global SE offers insurance solutions for industrial and commercial clients worldwide.

Our insurance products line includes Cyber Insurance, Liability Insurance, Marine Insurance, Property and Business Interruption Insurance, Renewable Energy Insurance and Risk Engineering,HDI Global operates in more than 150 countries via our numerous branches, subsidiaries and affiliates.

Join us to be part of the diverse and exciting international insurance business!

Iwase Cofsa Logo

Iwase Cosfa



Kantar Japan Logo

Kantar Japan



Rakuten Logo



ユーザーや取引先企業へ満足度の高いサービスを提供するとともに、多くの人々の成長を後押しすることで、社会を変革し豊かにしていきます。「グローバル イノベーション カンパニー」であり続けるというビジョンのもと、今後も、企業価値・株主価値の最大化を図ってまいります。また、国内外において、Eコマースを中核に、トラベル、デジタルコンテンツ、通信などのインターネットサービス、クレジットカードをはじめ、銀行、証券、保険、電子マネーなどのFinTech(金融)サービス、さらにプロスポーツといった多岐にわたる分野でサービスを提供していまいります。


Square Enix Logo

Square Enix

Work alongside some of best and brightest creative minds in the game industry!

Square Enix Co., Ltd. is engaged in digital entertainment, amusement, publishing, and merchandising, utilizing well-known IPs such as FINAL FANTASY and DRAGON QUEST to produce superior entertainment content and services for our customers worldwide.


Do I have to pay to attend the fair?

No. It is free of charge.

Can any non-TUJ students/alumni participate?

No. This event is exclusively for TUJ students and alumni.

What do I need to do to attend the fair?

All you need to do is register. You can register online here.

Do I need to submit my resume to companies before the fair?

No. You can apply to companies at the fair after listening to their company seminar.

How can I gather information about participating companies?

Visit each company’s web site. Also, the Career Development Office is issuing an event brochure, in which students can check available positions, possible starting time, requirements, and screening processes.

What do I need to bring?

Prepare several copies of your English resume, and possibly your Japanese resume, if you are job hunting this year (2020).

How many company booths can I visit?

We recommend you visit as many booths as possible as you may find new and interesting companies there.

Can I apply to those companies later, as I want to carefully consider how well they match my goals?

Of course, you can apply after the fair. Make sure to ask how you can contact them.

I am a freshman. Can I talk to HR representatives, or just listen to their presentation?

Do not hesitate to talk to them. Just tell them that you are a freshman and are here to explore future career possibilities.

I want someone to check my resume before the career fair. Can I ask the Career Development Office to edit my resume?

Yes. We are always happy to help you write your resume.