Japan, U.S. and China: Navigating a New World

President Biden is putting the spotlight on Asia, saying the U.S. is in a battle with China over the value of democracy vs. autocracy. That leaves Japan caught in the middle: The U.S. wants it to be a firm ally against the Chinese threat, but Japan is uneasy about public confrontation. Japanese companies would like to do business both with China and the U.S.

Join senior journalists at The Wall Street Journal, as well as Professor Jeff Kingston from Temple University Japan and Professor Akiko Imai from Showa Women’s University, for a lively discussion about superpower conflicts and Japan's role in the world. We’ll also include timely topics such as whether Japan can pull off the Olympics successfully.

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June 8, 2021
18.00 - 19.30 JST
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Portrait photograph of Patrick Barta

Patrick Barta,
Asia Enterprise Editor,
The Wall Street Journal


Portrait photograph of Peter Landers

Peter Landers,
Tokyo Bureau Chief,
The Wall Street Journal

Portrait photograph of Yoko Kubota

Yoko Kubota,
Deputy China Bureau Chief,
The Wall Street Journal

Portrait photograph of Jeff Kingston

Jeff Kingston,
Director of Asian Studies
and Professor of History,
Temple University Japan

Portrait photograph of Akiko Imai

Akiko Imai,
Professor of Business Design Department,
Faculty of Global Business, Showa Women's University in Japan